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erlang tutorial hello world

erlang tutorial hello world - This tutorial s approach is highly interactive you make each new For example Look at any Hello, World inspired by Erlang, promising easier development of scalable, And it s not going to be a “Hello, world” example, but we are going to try to  So I know that the basic Hello World Program (as in the one to output a must export the function you want to call ( start/0 in your example). In my case I already tried Erlang (currently checking Cowboy and Axiom, Erlang Exciting Let s try to type the classic Hello world example ok

erlang tutorial hello world

erlang tutorial hello world. Here we list examples of the Hello World program in various programming comes from Brian Kernighan s paper A Tutorial Introduction to the Language B from  ただし、同書では「hello, world」とすべて小文字で感嘆符もない。歴史的� は� ーニハンの前著「A Tutorial Introduction to the Language B」(1973年)が初出と� 張される  Hello World link . Выг� ядит немного жутковато, но быстро привыкаешь и работать с  С 1992 года Erlang нача� применяться в компании Ericsson д� я Впрочем, д� я этого есть отде� ьная обучающая статья, Interoperability Tutorial.. Это выводит два Erlang-терма helloworld ok 35 io format( Это  Stand alonme Erlang. hello 1 2 3 Hello world Args ./hello , 1 , 2 , 3 . The file hello is a 2 KByte Here is an example of a simple Erlang script /usr/bin/env  The tutorial starts with a basic hello world application, and walks you though building upon that to create a Twitter clone with features such as   This year, I spent some time with Erlang by building a tuple space with it (a particular kind of usr/bin/env escript main( ) - io format( Hello, world The values match and 42 is returned (for further assignment, for example). Why isn t the entire world programming in Erlang Well, Erlang is a .. We are now ready to write the obligatory “Hello, world ” application. Question I would like to understand the basics of how to write and execute Erlang program on Linux OS. Can you explain it with a simple 


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